Australia: The Order of Australia

Military Division

Ribbon: Royal blue with a central band of scattered gold mimosa blossoms and gold borders.

Instituted: 14 February 1975.

Awarded: For achievement and merit in service to Australia or humanity.

Grades: Companion, Officer and Member, plus Medal.

Sovereign & Knight/Dame General Division Military Division
Order of Australia: Companion (Military) Sorry - no picture Order of Australia: Officer (Military Division)
Companion (Male) Companion (Female) Officer (Male)
Sorry - no picture Order of Australia: Member (Military Division) Order of Australia: Member (Military Division)
Officer (Female) Member (Male) Member (Female)
Order of Australia: Medal (Military Division) Sorry - no picture

Post-nominal letters: -

Companion - AC

Officer - AO

Member - AM

Medal - OAM

Note that when in uniform, ladies wear the insignia of the Order in the 'male' style, i.e. as neck badge or on a chest ribbon.

Medal (Male) Medal (Female)
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