UN Office of Scientific Investigation and Research


The UNOSIR HQ is located in Moscow, Russia. The building provided by the government of the Russian Federation is on he Avenue of the Heroes of the Cosmos, overlooking the spectacular Museum of Space Travel. As well as offices and laboratory space, there are living quarters for all operatives.

Facilities provided include a permanent Internet connection, and all operatives have an office with workstation, as well as a laptop computer with GSM modem link. Basic laboratory facilities are provided, and additional specific equipment will be supplied upon request. There is a small medical room with facilities for treating minor injuries and illnesses, which will be expanded as and when a medical doctor is appointed to the team.

For transportation, 2 4-wheel drive vehicles, a van, and a saloon car have been supplied.

The Director, Miles Raleigh, has an office here but has established his own residence elsewhere in the city. He has a locally-employed secretary. Other support staff will be assembled according to need.