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As always, there were those who were not convinced by BLUEBOOK's investigations and who saw the final BLUEBOOK report as the disinformation it was. Many of these people investigated UFOs and related phenomena on their own, attempting to uncover the truth and form their own conclusions. The most dangerous of these truth-seekers formed civilian investigative groups to better share information and resources.  Many of these groups were much more interested in finding evidence to support their pet theories than conducting serious investigations. This made them ideal mouthpieces for lies promulgated by 'vested interests,' and further degraded the credibility of all such organizations. 

One civilian organization stood apart from the majority. This group could not be easily dismissed given the credibility of its membership. In 1956, Navy physicist Thomas Brown founded NICAP, the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, an Unidentified Flying Objects and related events study group. Although NICAP was a civilian organization and contained many well-known civilian UFOlogists, a disturbingly large number of members were retired Air Force and CIA personnel. Those monitoring the group became acutely aware that many of the NICAP members had secret agendas. They learned that some NICAP members were reporting back to groups within the CIA and other Intelligence Community organizations. Other members seemed to be working for an organization or organizations that could not be identified. Due to the extent of NICAP's infiltration by agents from outside organizations with unknown objectives, little of the data it managed to collect can be trusted.

Report by Mark Kram

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