United Kingdom: Honourable East India Company Medal for the Mysore Campaign 1790-1792

Ribbon: No official ribbon.

Instituted: By the Honourable East India Company.

Awarded: To officers and men serving under Lord Cornwallis and Generals Meadows & Abercrombie for the defeat of Tippoo Sahib, Ruler of Mysore.

Grades: 3 (Gold, Silver & Small Silver).

Gold Medal
Awarded to Subedars
Gold Medal, Obverse Gold Medal, Reverse
Silver Medal
Awarded to Jemadars and Serangs
Silver Medal, Obverse Silver Medal, Reverse
Small Silver Medal
Awarded to Havildars, Naiks, Tindals, Sepoys and Lascars
Small Silver Medal, Obverse Small Silver Medal, Reverse
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