United Kingdom: General Service Medal 1918-64

Ribbon: Purple with a green central stripe.

Instituted: 1923.

Awarded: For service in minor campaigns that did not warrant issue of a separate medal.

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S. PERSIA - for operations near Bushire and Banda Abbas 1918-19 KURDISTAN - for peacekeeping and skirmises, 1919 and 1923. IRAQ - for dealing with an Arab rebellion 1919-20.
N.W. PERSIA - for the North Persia Force in 1920. SOUTHERN DESERT IRAQ - for service in the Southern Desert in 1928. NORTHERN KURDISTAN - for operations in 1932.
PALESTINE - for service during the troubles in 1936-39. S.E. ASIA 1945-46 - for operations in Java, Sumatra and French Indo-China. BOMB AND MINE CLEARANCE 1945-49 - for services mostly in the UK.
PALESTINE 1945-48 - for service during the troubles in 1945-48. MALAYA - for anti-communist operations in Singapore, 1948-50, and Malaya, 1956. CYPRUS - for operations 1955-59.
NEAR EAST - for the Suez Canal landings of 1956 ARABIAN PENNINSULA - for service in the Gulf States, Muscat and Oman and Aden, 1957-60. BRUNEI - for operations in Brunei, North Borneo and Sarawak in December 1962.
CANAL ZONE - authorised 2003 for service in the Suez Canal Zone between October 1951 and October 1954.
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