United Kingdom: King George V's Police Coronation Medal, 1911

Ribbon: Red with 3 blue stripes.

Instituted: 1911.

Awarded: To police officers on duty in London during the Coronation.

City of London Police Sorry - no picture of obverse Sorry - no picture of reverse
Metropolitan Police Metropolitan Police, Obverse Metropolitan Police, Reverse
County and Borough Police County and Borough Police, Obverse County and Borough Police, Reverse
London Fire Brigade Sorry - no picture of obverse London Fire Brigade, Reverse
Royal Parks Royal Parks, Obverse Royal Parks, Reverse
St John Ambulance Brigade St John Ambulance Brigade, Obverse St John Ambulance Brigade, Reverse
Royal Irish Constabulary Sorry - no picture of obverse Royal Irish Constabulary, Reverse>
Scottish Police Scottish Police, Obverse Scottish Police, Reverse
St Andrew's Ambulance Corps St Andrew's Ambulance Corps, Obverse St Andrew's Ambulance Corps, Reverse
Police Ambulance Service Police Ambulance Service, Obverse Police Ambulance Service, Reverse
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