United Kingdom: Naval General Service Medal 1915-64

Ribbon: White with 2 narrow red stripes and red edges.

Instituted: 1915.

Awarded: For service in specific operations mounted by the Royal Navy or Royal Marines (unless in Africa or India, for which the appropriate service medal would be awarded).

George V George V: Obverse George V: Reverse
George VI George VI: Obverse Sorry - no picture of reverse
Elizabeth II Sorry - no picture of obverse Sorry - no picture of reverse
Persian Gulf 1909-14
PERSIAN GULF 1909-14 - for operations against pirates, gun-runners and slavers. IRAZ 1919-20 - for river gunboat service during the Arab Rebellion. N.W. PERSIA 1920 - for service in the Naval Mission.
Palestine 1936-39 S.E. Asia 1945-46
PALESTINE 1936-39 - for service during the 'troubles.' S.E. ASIA 1945-6 - for operations in Java, Sumatra and French Indochina. MINESWEEPING 1945-51 - for 6 months' minesweeping in specified areas.
Yangtze 1949
PALESTINE 1945-48 - for service during further 'troubles.' YANGTZE 1949 - for the attack on HMS Amethyst and other vessels by Communist Chinese forces. BOMB AND MINE CLEARANCE 1945-53 - for operations in specified areas.
BOMB AND MINE CLEARANCE MEDITERRANEAN CYPRUS - for Eoka operations, 1955-59. NEAR EAST - for operations on the Suez Canal, 1956.
ARABIAN PENINSULAR - 1957-60. BRUNEI - service in Brunei, North Borneo and Sarawak, December 1962. CANAL ZONE - authorised 2003 for service in the Suez Canal Zone between October 1951 and October 1954.
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