United Kingdom: Knights Bachelor

Ribbon: Red with yellow edges.

Instituted: The honour of a Knight Bachelor dates to King Henry III (1207-1272), but it was not until 1926 that a distinctive insignia was introduced at the request of the Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor... and until 1998, they had to buy them!

Awarded: To those on whom Knighthood is conferred, unless as a member of one of the Orders, when the appropriate badge would be worn.

Type 1
Type 1, Obverse Sorry - no picture of reverse
Type 2
Since 1998 it may be worn with the neck badge.
Type 2, Obverse Sorry - no picture of reverse
Neck Badge
This is the only insignia presented at Investiture, the other badges are private purchase items.
Neck Badge, Obverse Sorry - no picture of reverse
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