United Kingdom: The Most Noble Order of the Garter

Ribbon: Blue.

Instituted: 23 April 1348.

Awarded: For services to the Crown or nation.

Grades: 1 (Knight or Lady Companion).

Post-nominal letters: KG or LG

The Garter - worn around the left leg below the knee (upper left arm for ladies)
Collar and 'George' (collar badge) Collar Sorry - no image of reverse
Mantle Mantle Close-up of Mantle Badge
Hat Hat Hat Badge close-up
Sash badge or 'Lesser George' Sash Badge (Lesser George), Obverse Sash Badge (Lesser George), Reverse
Star Star, Obverse Sorry - no image of reverse

The Collar, Mantle and Hat are worn at the Installation Ceremony, when the Knights process to the Chapel of the Order, St George's Chapel in Windsor.

On most occasions when medals are worn, the Star and Sash Badge (called the 'Lesser George' as the badge on the Collar is called the 'George') are worn. The sash is worn over the left shoulder.

When ribbons only are worn, the ribbon of the Order of the Garter is not worn.

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