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Yuri Yashnev, who has been most generous in sharing information and pictures even as new decorations are instituted; Dave Devine (Rusty Knight) for his kind permission to use any of his images, Emmanuel Halleaux, Andreas M. Shulz Ising, Dudley Wall and Paul Wood, generous as ever, and David Ashley Pritchard who has sent many pictures of Imperial Russian awards. François Dutil has spent a lot of time attempting to make sense of modern Russian Federation awards, his ongoing work is on Wikipedia. Roman Slivin has been extremely helpful regarding the awards of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Especial thanks to the Russian Orthodox Church and the Calendar "Awards and medals of Russian Orthodox church for 2001" for the use of images.

Grateful thanks to Dix Noonan Webb, e-Medals, Morton & Eden, and Spink & Son , who have allowed the use of images from their catalogue.


Russian Federation - State awards and honorary titles of the Russian Federation

Russian Federation - State Decorations of Russia - site is in Russian, but includes illustrations and regulations for current Russian awards (Archived July 2012).

Ministry of Defence of Russia - Honours - listing of Ministry of Defence medals including award criteria (Archived September 2010).

Awards of Russia - site covering Imperial, Soviet and present day awards, very comprehensive!

M. Andersson - Medals and Orders of the USSR (Archived April 2012).

Oldrich Andrysek - Soviet Medals and Orders - a well-constructed site with some fine information & pictures.

Antonio Prieto Barrio - Ribbons of the Russian Federation - Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 - MOD1 - MOD2 - MOD3 - MVD1 - MVD2 - EMERCOM - MJ-FPS - FSB-FGS - SVR-FRS - FSSS-FAPSI-SCS - SCC-SSO-FSRFKON

Antonio Prieto Barrio - Ribbons of Imperial Russia - Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3

Arthur G. Bates Soviet Military Awards - an awesome and authoritative collection of information.

Eric Bush - Ribbons of the Soviet Union

Eric Bush - Ribbons of the Russian Federation

David Devine - Rusty Knight's Place: Russian Medals and Rusty Knight's Place: Soviet Medals, all from his personal collection.

Lucasz Gaszewski - IEPE Orders and Medals of the Russian Federation (Archived February 2008).

Lucasz Gaszewski - Orders and Medals of Imperial Russia - ribbon chart

Lucasz Gaszewski - Orders and Medals of the USSR - ribbon chart

Andrew Kuznetsov USSR Orders and Medals - this site is in Russian, but even if you cannot read it, the illustrations are beautiful.

Eugene Lozovsky - Russian Orders and Medals

Jeremy Newman - Jeremy's Medals: USSR

Ilja Repetski - World Awards: Russia

Andreas M. Schulze Ising - The Russian Agricultural Merit Order - 1913

Eric Semon - Décorations de la Russie Impériale


Russian Glory - site covering all aspects of Soviet awards, including recipient research and sales

Wikipedia - Orders, Decorations, and Medals of the Soviet Union

Wikipedia - Awards and Decorations of the Russian Federation

Russian Fire Service - Awards - appear to be unofficial, but some are quite beautiful!

Ордена и наградные медали императорской России 1702 - 1917 гг [Awards of Imperial Russia 1702-1917]

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