Orders, Decorations and Medals of Poland

Ribbon Chart

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Order of the White Eagle Order Virtuti Militari Order Polonia Restituta Order of the Military Cross Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland
Cross of Valour Military Cross Cross of Merit for Bravery Cross of Merit with Swords Cross of Merit
Army Cross of Merit Air Force Cross of Merit Navy Cross of Merit Medal for Sacrifice and Courage Long Service Medal
Medal for Long Marital Life Afghanistan Star Iraq Star Cross for War 1918-21 Army Medal for War 1939-45
Air Force Medal for War 1939-45 Navy Medal for War 1939-45 Merchant Marine Medal for War 1939-45 Cross of September Campaign 1939 Monte Cassino Cross
Home Army Cross Peasant Battalions Cross National Military Action Cross Cross of the Deported to Siberia Partisan Cross
Polish Armed Forces in the West Military Action Cross Auschwitz Cross Medal for the War of 1939 Silesian Uprising Cross Great Poland Uprising Cross
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