Orders, Decorations and Medals of Hungary

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Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic (Civil) Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic (Military) Cross of Merit (Civil) Cross of Merit (Military) Order of the Flag of the Hungarian Republic
Order of the Star of the Hungarian Republic 1956 Commemorative Medal Commemorative Medal for an Independent Democratic Hungary Life Saving Decoration Barholomew Szemere Decoration
St George Decoration St Laslo Decoration St Florian Decoration Public Service Decoration Flood Fighting Decoration
Service Decoration for Merit Defence Decoration Officer Service Decoration WO & NCO Service Decoration Private Service Decoration
Police Service Decoration Republican Watch Regiment Service Decoration Border Guards Service Decoration Fire Brigade Service Decoration Civil Defence Service Decoration
Customs & Finance Guards Medal of Merit Customs & Finance Guards Service Medal Correctional Service Decoration Correctional Service Medal Distinguished Miner Honorary Title
Mining Service Medal Mining Rescue Service Medal Educational Service Commemorative Medal
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