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Particular thanks are due to Brandon Wiegand and Robin Nicholson, who have sent a massive amount of information and pictures; also Bill Avant, Charles Coates, Ian Chapman, and Darrell S.

Grateful thanks to Dix Noonan Webb, who have allowed use of pictures from their catalogues.


The Institute of Heraldry - Decorations and Medals - invaluable details of the appearance of US medals.

Antonio Prieto Barrio - Ribbons of the USA - Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 - Page 5 - Page 6 - Merchant Marine
Civilian Medals: Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 - Page 5 - Page 6 - Page 7 - Page 8 - Page 9 - Page 10 - Page 11 - Page 12

Eric Bush - US Ribbons - a fine selection including many unusual ones from government agencies and individual states.

David Devine - Rusty Knight's Place: U.S.Medals

Lukasz Gaszewski - US Decorations Ribbons Rackbuilder

Jean-Paul LeBlanc - Medals of the United States (Archived July 2014).

Jeremy Newman - Jeremy's Medals: USA

Eric Semon - Décorations des U.S.A.

Mike Smith - United States Medals and Awards

Yuri Yashnev - For Merit: United States of America

EzRackBuilder - create your ribbon bar, including links to suppliers

Wikipedia - Awards and decorations of the United States Armed Forces

Wikipedia - Awards and Decorations of the National Guard

Foxfall Medals - comprehensive list of the terms of award of ALL US military decorations and medals, regularly updated.

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