UN Office of Scientific Investigation and Research

GM's Eyes Only!

GM Background: The Creation of UNOSIR

There have been ever-increasing rumours of alien and supernatural events, and the UN Security Council has decided that it is worth devoting resources to investigating whither such rumours are based in reality, and if such events pose a threat to the peoples of Earth. This is the 'public' story...

Indeed, it is the story as known to the members of the Security Council and senior executives of the United Nations and the various governments represented there!

The truth, however, is somewhat darker and more devious. Within the United States there exists an organisation called Majestic-12. Back in 1948, they made contact with the 'Roswell aliens' and formed an alliance... one supposed to safeguard the United States and enable access to alien technology to that nation's betterment, while supplying the aliens with the information and resources that they claimed to need. Neither side has been true to that agreement, as will be explained elsewhere.

As both popular and governmental interest in aliens and other phenomena has increased, Majestic-12 have felt more threatened, fearing that their history of dealing with aliens might be discovered. They thus decided to discover exactly how much was known, or could be found out, by independent investigation; and sent a junior staffer to the US Ambassador to the United Nations with the suggestion that, while it would be good to know if there was any truth in all these alien stories, it was a world rather than a US problem and so the world - or at least, the United Nations - ought to fund the research!

The junior's name is Mark Kram. Since this mission, he has become convinced that there is something to be known - he is not an MJ-12 member, being originally briefed by people he believed were his superiors in the State Department and undertaking his mission in all innocence. He has provided several articles from his own research to the UNOSIR Archives concerning governmental and quasi-governmental relations with aliens within the US. MJ-12 would not be pleased if they discovered this material... even though much is inaccurate!

While Majestic-12 were the prime movers for the creation of the UNOSIR, other organisations are taking an interest. Most do not yet wish to commit themselves to either support or opposition, but will watch to see what transpires before even considering making contact. Some have attempted to infiltrate, by putting forwards candidates for recruitment: as the main areas from which recruits are to be drawn are government service and academia, the more 'respectable' and overt groups have an advantage although some of the more secretive ones are also making the attempt.

Note: It is not intended that any PCs should be members of such organisations, but their recruitment might have been promoted by individuals within their parent institution who are, and who may later on seek to influence or exert control on their 'protégés' within the UNOSIR.