United Kingdom: Ribbon Chart 6
Campaign Medals, Polar Medals & Royal Medals

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NATO Medal (Former Yugoslavia) (1994) NATO Medal (Kosovo) (2000) NATO Medal (Macedonia) (2002) NATO Medal (Article 5 - Eagle Assist Operation) (2003) NATO Medal (Article 5 - Active Endeavour Operation) (2003)
NATO Medal (Non-Article 5 - Operations in the Balkans) (2003) 1st Polar Medal 1818-48 2nd Polar Medal 1875-6 3rd Polar Medal 1904
Empress of India Medal 1877 Queen Victoria's Jubilee Medals 1887 & 1897 Visit to Ireland Medal 1900
Civil Military Police
Edward VII Coronation Medal 1902 Delhi Durbar Medal 1903 Visit to Ireland Medal 1903
Civil Military Police
George V Coronation Medal 1911 Delhi Durbar Medal 1911 Visit to Ireland Medal 1911 Jubilee Medal 1935
Normal ribbon Police
George VI Coronation Medal 1937 Elizabeth II Coronation Medal 1953 Jubilee Medal 1977 Golden Jubilee Medal 2002 Diamond Jubilee Medal 2012
Victoria Faithful Service Medal George V Long & Faithful Service Medal George VI Long & Faithful Service Medal Elizabeth II Long & Faithful Service Medal
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