The People's Republic of Poland: Cross of Merit

Krzyz Zaslugi

Ribbon: Dark red with grey edge stripes. Gold or silver vertical braid used to denote grade since 1960.

1st Class (Gold braid worn from 1960) 2nd Class (Silver braid worn since 1960) 3rd Class

Instituted: 23 June 1923, continued to be awarded during the People's Republic era, and reintroduced 18 October 1992.

Awarded: For merit in almost all areas of human activity: professional or non-professional work, charity incl. blood donation, art and science, sports, life saving, long marital life, as well as for mothers of many children.

Grades: 3 (Gold, Silver and Bronze).

Gold Cross, Obverse Silver Cross, Obverse Bronze Cross, Obverse
Gold Silver Bronze
Gold Cross, Reverse Silver Cross, Reverse Bronze Cross, Reverse
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