New Zealand: New Zealand Order of Merit

Ribbon: Ochre red.

Instituted: 30 May 1996 by Queen Elizabeth II.

Awarded: For meritorious service to the Crown or nation, and for those who have achieved eminence in their chosen field.

Grades: 5 (Knight/Dame Grand Companion, Knight/Dame Companion, Companion, Officer and Member).
On 10 April 2000, the use of the titles 'Knight' and 'Dame' were discontinued, the first two grades of the Order being renamed as Principal Companions and Distinguished Companions. Existing Knights and Dames retain the title as awarded. There is no change to the insignia.

Post-nominal letters: -

  • [Knight or Dame Grand Companion - GNZM] - no longer awarded
  • Principal Companion - PCNZM
  • [Knight or Dame Companion - KNZM or DNZM - no longer awarded
  • Distinguished Companion - DCNZM
  • Companion - CNZM
  • Officer - ONZM
  • Member - MNZM
Collar Sorry - no picture Grand Companion: Star
Collar of the Order (worn by the Sovereign and the Governor General only) Principal Companion: Badge Principal Companion: Star
Sorry - no picture Sorry - no picture Sorry - no picture
Distinguished Companion: Badge (Male) Distinguished Companion: Star Distinguished Companion: Badge (Female)
Companion (Male) Companion - female Officer
Companion (Male) Companion (Female) Officer (Male)
Sorry - no picture Member - male Sorry - no picture
Officer (Female) Member (Male) Member (Female)
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