France: Medal of Honour for the Railways

Médaille d'Honneur des Agents des Chemins de Fer

Ribbon: Seven stripes, of blue, white, red, white, blue, white and red.

Instituted: 19 August 1913.

Awarded: For distinguished achievements and meritorious long service on the railways of France and her colonies. On 17 December 1936 a separate medal, the Medal of Honour of the Railroads of Overseas France, was instituted for all colonial railways except those of Indochina.

Grades: Originally 1 (Silver Medal), with the Gold Medal being added on 13 March 1919 and the Bronze Medal in 1953.

Type 1
Type 2
Type 3
Type 4
Gold Medal Gold Medal, Obverse Gold Medal, Reverse
Silver Medal Silver Medal, Obverse Silver Medal, Reverse
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