Finland: Order of the Cross of Liberty

Vapaudenristin suurristi

Ribbon: Yellow in peacetime, Red in wartime.

Peacetime Ribbon - top 4 classes Peacetime - lower classes Wartime ribbon - top 4 classes Wartimr ribbon - lower classes

Instituted: 4 March 1918.


Grades: 6 (Grand Cross, 1st Class with Star, 1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class and 4th Class) plus Medal of Merit.

Peacetime Wartime
Sorry - no picture Sorry - no picture Sorry - no picture
Grand Cross: Badge Grand Cross: Star 1st Class with Star: Badge
1st Class with Star: Star Sorry - no picture 2nd Class
1st Class with Star: Star 1st Class 2nd Class
Sorry - no picture 4th Class
3rd Class 4th Class
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