Orders, Decorations and Medals of Finland

Ribbon Chart

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Finnish War Veterans Association Cross of Merit Civil Defense Association Cross of Merit Blue Cross Boy-Soldier Organization Commemorative Cross Union of Reserve NCOs Medal
Association of Voluntary Defense Guilds Cross of Merit Defense Medal Finnish War Veterans Association Medal of Merit Cavalry Guild Medal of Merit Transport Units' Guild Medal of Merit
Marines Guild Medal of Merit Navy Guild Cross of Merit Artillery Medal of Merit Armored Guild Cross of Merit Coastal Artillery Guild Medal of Merit
Signals' Organization Cross of Merit Paratroopers' Guild Medal of Merit Uusima Light Infantry Battalion Guild Medal of Merit Mounted Reserve Association Medal of Merit Sissi Organization Medal of Merit
Fire Officers Association Grand Cross Fire Officers Association Cross of Merit Fire Officers Association Medal of Merit Fireproofing Association Cross of Merit Fireproofing Association Special Cross of Merit
Fireproofing Association Medal of Merit Finnish War Veterans' Union 25th Anniversary Medal Finnish Frontmen's Union 25th Anniversary Medal Finnish Chamber of Commerce Medal Central Association of Agriculture Medal of Merit
Finnish Business Association Cross of Merit Community Association Decoration of Honour Medal of Helsinki Voimaliito Resistance Organization Commemorative Medal Activist Resistance Organization Commemorative Medal
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