Kingdom of Belgium: Commemorative Medal of the War 1914-1918

Médaille Commémorative de la Guerre 1914-1918
Oorlogsherinnerinsmedaille 1914-1918

Ribbon: Red with a wide black-edged yellow central stripe.

Instituted: 21 July 1919.

Awarded: To Belgians for service in the Belgian Armed Forces between 1 August 1914 and 11 November 1918.

Obverse Reverse
Ribbon Emblems
Sorry - no picture Front Line Service bars (4 = 2 years 6 months) Gilt Front Line Service bar
Volunteer - a crown. Front Line Service - 1st silver bar for 1 year, subsequent ones for 6 month periods. Front Line Service - a gilt bar replaces 5 silver ones.
Sorry - no picture Crossed Anchors emblem Sorry - no picture
Prisoner of War - a black bar. Navy - crossed anchors. Fisherman - anchor.
Sorry - no picture Sorry - no picture Wound red cross (and gilt Front Line Service bar)
Expeditionary Corps to Russia - bar 1916-R-1917. Expeditionary Corps to Russia - bar 1916-R-1918. Wound - a red enamel cross.
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